sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Interview to @sgenfurecida

Everyone wants to participate in Twitter’s boom; and each person does it in his/her own way. 
Some publish every detail of their daily life; others use it to promote their works and careers; there are also some who give public interest information in a journalistic mood...etc. There is an amazing amount of forms of leaving your trace using just 140 characters!
Today, @sgenfurecida shares with us (by a phone call) their particular usage of this well-known social network.   

     Alba: What made you to create a Twitter account as Segovia Enfurecida is?
Segovia Enfurecida: The truth is that I took time thinking about doing something like this…Other cities had already done it and it has been successful. One afternoon I dared to do it, I wrote some tweets and got impressed on the impact they had!

Alba: How many people are involved on it?
Segovia Enfurecida: We are four to five people. I was the first and only one working on it at the beginning. Later I told to some of my closest friends and they felt happy to work on this idea. They are really interesting people, they think of tweets I would have never imagined if I were working alone.

Alba: So you do brainstorming, don’t you?
Segovia Enfurecida: Yeah, in fact we have a whatsapp group, although it was originally created to speak about our Fridays and Saturdays nights!

Alba: Are all of you young people?
Segovia Enfurecida: Yes, we are. We are the generation that has grown with the chachilibreta, with the camigol  balls, with the Maristas B against Eresma C matches... However, this Twitter account is not only for people who were born in the eighties; it is addressed to much more segovians.  

Alba: Why Twitter?
Segovia Enfurecida: Twitter represents the freedom to send messages like ours; it’s the best option to do what we do.

Alba: You have 2637 followers! When did you create the account?
Segovia Enfurecida: We created it a month ago, on a Friday afternoon…and here we are!

Alba: That’s incredible! It’s clear that you have been well accepted among young segovians. Sure you even know some of your followers, isn’t it hard for you to remain anonymous?
Segovia Enfurecida: Yeah, we know many of them personally, some of them even wonder if we are Segovia Enfurecida…But anonymity is the magic of writing these tweets, and of course, with much more freedom to do it.

Alba: Have you ever been threatened?
Segovia Enfurecida: No, absolutely not. People have treated us kindly and they understand this is a satirical account. We are not afraid, but if we come to a worrying situation we will all agree in finishing with this initiative. Anyway, I believe we won’t never be taken to that extreme!

Alba: Why writing tweets always in capital letters?
Segovia Enfurecida: Because we are really furious!

Alba: Segovian pride is in fashion nowadays. I would like to know what Segovia is for you.
Segovia Enfurecida: For us Segovia is the origin and the destination. Some of us had to move to Madrid or to other cities, but what is clear is that Segovia is our street and we always return. People are really attached to it. There are lots of things that make us different from people of other cities; we believe that in general, we have the characteristics of a small country.

Alba: Could you describe it in a word?
Segovia Enfurecida: Uff..that is so difficult! Yes, as I said before, Segovia is the origin.

Alba: You write about several different topics taking them always with humor. You wrote even about independence, are you trying to be like a segovian Artur Mas or something similar?
Segovia Enfurecida: (Laughs) It is just irony, we make jokes with him, we have even said he is our new autonomous community president! But we are just joking… 
Supposing we get independent in the future, I’m sure it will be different to what the Vasque Country or Cataluña claim for; what we want is to remain inside Spain not out!

Alba: What it’s true is that independence issue became more important when Arahuetes, Segovia’s major, declared that it was not worthy staying in Castilla y León, and that the best thing to do was to become independent. What do you think of his declarations?
Segovia Enfurecida: We respect what he said, in fact, it is true that Castilla y León does not think too much of Segovia; anyway we believe he was just being ironic, as we have also been regarding this issue.

Alba: The #diadasegoviana hastag was one of your most important actions through Twitter. Was it successful? Can you explain to us what was it about?
Segovia Enfurecida: Yes, I think it was really successful. It was a movement that started as a joke, and consisted on wearing a blue scarf to San Frutos’ celebration just as a sign of ‘we are segovians and we are here’, it did not have a vindicative tone at all. We believe this will be bigger as time passes.

Alba: You even appeared in the press! El Norte de Castilla, Acueducto.com…you must be really proud of giving voice to segovians!
Segovia Enfurecida: We speak about things most segovians have lived or thought at least once, and which in many cases feel ashamed to tell! 
For us it was a surprise to appear in local newspapers, it was amazing. We hope that this keeps on, that we get more followers and that we continue making jokes. It is a good thing not only for Segovia, but also for us.